How many shows, how many shoes, and how many piano miles make up one Shen Yun season?
What Goes into a Shen Yun Tour? Let’s look at the numbers
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Globetrotting Ventures
Blog: Globetrotting Ventures
Traveling and touring with Shen Yun for 10 years is making dancer Betty Wang nostalgic.
Of Aerials and Virtue
Blog: Of Aerials and Virtue
Dancer Zack Chan takes us behind the scenes for a look at the training and mindset of Shen Yun’s tumbling masters.
Get to Know Jim Chen
Get to Know… Jim Chen
Meet Principal Dancer Jim Chen, known for his soaring flips and sprightly portrayal of the Monkey King.
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Photos of the Month
Photos of the Month
It’s the last month of tour, and so these are the final performer photos of the season.
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